Tabling and Event Marketing

      Tabling and event marketing services are available from COLLEGE MARKETING.COM. We can schedule and man tables on college campuses to promote your product, service, or program. Tabling can help you promote programs, generate leads, or make sales. Tabling has been used very effectively to solicit credit card applications. It has been used with great success to promote Spring Break trips or to generate website memberships. Direct sales of products as varied as pagers, mobile phones, posters, jewelry, and compact discs are conducted on college campuses by utilizing tabling programs. Market research surveys are programs. Market research surveys are frequently conducted by using a tabling program.
    Frequently tabling is used as a component of our Bookstore Sales, Student Group Fundraising, Sampling, Market Research, Recruitment, or College Music Promotion programs. Having our company man a dedicated table devoted solely to your promotion gives you a chance to interact on a personal "face to face" basis with college students. You can control the image you project. You can also get very creative when crafting your promotion or image. Tabling lends itself well to handcrafting a unique image or message.
    COLLEGE MARKETING.COM is willing to help you schedule and man any type of tabling program you desire. We normally charge a day rate based on the manpower needed plus whatever access fees required by the school and other scheduling costs. Some of the tabling project is billed on a result basis. We are willing to negotiate fees based on the specifics of your program.
    Event marketing works like most tabling programs except the location may be off campus. Fairs, concerts, sporting events, malls, trade shows, and other public events are the kinds of activities where we can promote your business or organization.

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